Getting Started With Affirm

What is Affirm?

Affirm is here to help you pay over time for the things you love. You’re in control of how long you get to make monthly payments. Plus, you never pay more than what you agree to up front.

How do I sign up? (In Store)
  1. At checkout, select Affirm as the payment method.
  2. Follow the prompt to enter your mobile number. Select Continue.
  3. Type your full legal name and your email address.
  4. Type your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  5. Select Create account.
  6. See your loan decision.

If you would like to sign up for affirm before checking out you can sign up for affirm by clickinghere!

Interest? Fees?

Affirm doesn't do fees. No late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, no hidden fees or anything like that! 0-30% is the range for their annual percentage rates (APR).

What does it mean to prequalify?

When you prequalify, you get an estimate of how much you can borrow. You’re not on the hook to pay back your prequalified amount until you actually borrow it. You also don’t have to borrow the full amount.

What’s the difference between a credit limit and a prequalified amount?

Good question!

A prequalified amount is an estimate of what a lender may qualify you to borrow in the future.

This is different from a credit limit. A credit limit is the maximum amount of credit a lender has already decided you can borrow. Typically, you will get a credit limit when you have a line of credit product.

Prequalified for a loan, wasn't approved?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you’ll get a loan even if you’re prequalified. That’s because your prequalified amount is an estimate. It may change—or go away—depending on a few different things. This includes your borrowing and payment history at Affirm and elsewhere.


Let’s say you prequalify for a new loan, then miss a payment on a current loan. For the short term, you may still see that you’re prequalified. But if you go on to apply for a new loan, that missed payment may impact your ability to get one.

Can I use Affirm Without A Mobile Phone Number?

Unfortunately, no. You need a mobile phone number from the US or US territories. This helps us verify it’s really you who is creating your account and signing in.

When you create your account, we’ll ask for your mobile number. Each time you sign in, you’ll enter your number, and we'll text you a verification code.

Does Affirm Report to any credit bureaus?

For some loans, Affirm will report to Experian

How May Using Affirm Affect My Credit Score?

These things won’t affect your credit score

  • Creating an Affirm account
  • Seeing if you prequalify
  • Applying for a loan through Affirm

The Things Will Affect Your Credit Score

  • Taking out a loan through Affirm
  • Your payment history
  • How much credit you've used
  • How long you’ve had credit

When Will My Payment History Appear On My Credit Report?

It usually takes between 30–60 days for your loan and payment history to appear on your credit report.

Where is Affirm available?

Affirm is available in the U.S. and all U.S. territories, with two exceptions.

Those exceptions are Iowa and West Virginia. It’s possible to create an Affirm account if you live in either state. But you won’t be able to prequalify or get approved for a loan due to the state laws there.

For an up to date version of Affirms Terms of Service pleaseclick here!

If you have any more questions pleaseemail us!