2022+ Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ Exhaust Bible

Exhaust Bible presented to you by Subispeed/FTspeed

Aftermarket and Performance Exhausts Now Available Now For:
2022 Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86

A'PEXi N1-X Evolution Extreme Catback Exhaust

The N1 Evolution Extreme is based on the proven performance basics of the N1 muffler which emphasizes optimum exhaust efficiency utilizing a straight-thru layout design. Equipped with an internal hybrid silencer uniting power and free flowing characteristics with effective functional sound resonance. A newly adopted muffler tip completes the tail end of the exhaust that serves both purposes of function and form. Constructed with a light weight titanium material rolled and riveted onto a double pipe structure which acts as a diffuser enabling temperature reduction, meanwhile retaining a sporty heat gradiation appearance.

Remark R1-Spec Single-Exit Catback Exhaust

Exhausts systems are a must upgrade when it comes to performance and modifying. The Remark R1-Spec Single-Exit Catback Exhaust systems are designed for performance based builds, so it will be LOUDER than other systems

FactionFab Catback Exhaust 22 GR86/BRZ

This FactionFab Catback Exhaust System is a high-performance exhaust system designed to improve the power and the sound in your 2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, or 86..

A quick and easy way to increase performance, looks, and sound of your car is to replace the heavy and quiet stock mufflers. These units are direct factory replacement for the stock muffler and mid pipe and can be installed using simple hand tools.

Remark Axle Back Exhaust 2022 GR86/BRZ

The Remark Axleback Exhaust with double walls are a simple way to save wieght while gaining an aggressive exhaust note. This axle-back exhaust system deletes your factory mufflers to improve the performance, and the sound, all while saving weight. This is a modification that you can perform in your driveway to gain a race-inspired exhaust note that will improve the overall driving experience.

AWE Touring Edition Exhaust

This exhaust system has been designed to provide optimal exhaust flow that generates both horsepower and torque while providing an aggressive exhaust note. A great upgrade for enthusiasts with daily drivers and weekend show cars that want more performance with a race-inspired sound, and it is highly effective as it offers weight savings for those with purpose-built track cars. Note that the Touring Edition will be more toned down and quiet when compared to the Track Edition.