OLM V1 Rear Foglight Install guide

Install Guide for OLM F1 V1 4th Brake Light

How-To Install the OLM V1 F1 Rear Fog Light - 2022 Subaru BRZ & Toyota GR86



  • Designed utilizing the latest in LED technology
  • Direct replacement of your factory right
  • Running light function
  • F1 flash-on brake that can also be turned on and off with a separate switch
  • Includes an outer trim piece that provides wider visibility of the light


  • Available in a variety of different lens options, as well as light bar options - choose which opinion outfits your application the best
    • STEP 1: Remove the OEM reverse light, locate 3 pop-clips on the underside of the bumper. Pop the cover off and release the (2) 10mm bolts which hold the reverse light in place. Slide the light straight back and out and disconnect the connector.
    • STEP 2: Remove the driver's side taillight next by removing the cover using a plastic pry tool and loosening (3) 10mm screws. Slide the taillight off and unplug it.
    • STEP 3: Feed the ends of the quick-connect harness with the leads down towards the reverse light bumper location.
    • STEP 4: Connect the OEM harness to the quick-connect. Be sure to leave slack so you can connect the taillight.
    • STEP 5: Slide the taillight back in and reinstall the 3 bolts and the plastic cover.
    • STEP 6: Connect the OLM F1 V1 Fog Light. Plug in the reverse light plug, connect the leads for the brake and running light (check out the video for wiring help). Feed the leads into the hole, pull the excess into the back of the bumper to secure at a later step.
    • STEP 7: Install the light just like how the OEM light was removed. Line up the two top tabs and reinstall the (2) 10mm bolts. This light comes with its own bumper cover which replaces the OEM cover; this pops into place. Then replace the 3 pop clips on the bottom of the bumper.
    • STEP 8: Secure the excess wiring except for the leads for the switch.
    • STEP 9: Determine where you will install the switch; outside the car or utilize the plugs under the car for switch install within the trunk.

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