Raceseng Translucent Ashiko Engraveless Shift Knob

2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI / 2013+ FR-S / BRZ / 86


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Meet Ashiko, weighing in at 735 grams (1.62lbs). The broader cylindrical surfaces make side-arm shifting effortless while providing a domed top face for palm shifting. These custom colors usually take 2 weeks to make, but we have them in stock!
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Meet Ashiko, weighing in at 735 grams (1.62lbs). The broader cylindrical surfaces make side-arm shifting effortless while providing a domed top face for palm shifting.

These custom colors usually take 2 weeks to make, but we have them in stock!

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Well, to put it as simply as we can, the heavier the knob, the easier it will make shifting feel. Its not magic, its physics. Weight in motion directly relates to how an object will react to an opposing force. In this case, the opposing force is the gate pattern and counter springs that are connected to your shift arm that tell you the shift pattern of your car. The difference felt when shifting into the next gear requires far less effort due to the additional momentum created by the increased mass.


Whether side-arm or palm shifting from the top, Ashiko's shape is purposefully designed to make both shifting styles more enjoyable. The side surface is designed to fit the natural curvature of your hand and fingers as they wrap around the shift knob as you dictate direction and movement. The domed top surface is intended to compliment palm shifting, giving you an ideal surface area for confident shifting.

Its not just a cylindrical shift knob. Anthropometrics, or the study of human body measurement, directly shaped the design of Ashiko. There isn't a single straight line in your body, so why should your shift knob?


The Ashiko shift knob will come with a billet aluminum threaded adapter with a M12 x 1.25 thread to fit the shift knob to your FR-S/BRZ/WRX/STI shifter arm.


A hollow set screw is also included. The set screw allows you to easily adjust the orientation of the 6 speed pattern and the height of the shift knob. Instructions are included to help you thru this process.



Customize the look of Ashiko by selecting one of their unique translucent powder coating finishes.


Raceseng products are manufactured entirely in house. "Proudly made in the USA" may sound a bit cliche but that mantra is an integral part of the culture at Raceseng. Their joy lives in the process of crafting performance products. The Raceseng way is not about making as much money on every product as possible, its about having complete control over their product's destiny and detail.

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  1. Great Quality, Very Heavy

    By Eric December 10, 2018

    Really nice looking, great feel, I am somewhat larger about 6’3 250 and this fits my hand perfectly. I would def recommend, I knew it was weighted but I was still surprised how heavy it was. Also it’s made of metal so It will be sensitive to temperature changes

  2. Translucent blue Ashiko shift knob

    By Darrin May 26, 2018

    It's a high quality crafted piece. The finish is flawless, the weight behind it makes for smooth shifts. Installation was extremely easy (screw off the old and screw on the new) and especially fast as this one is unengraved and you don't have to tweak it to make the gate perfectly centered (which is no big deal anyway). The only negative is if you want a custom color it may take a couple of weeks to ship (as they are powder coated in batches). If you like the bare surface (nice choice too) you should be able to get that one quickly. I can't say enough good things about this shift knob, especially when compared to others you really see the quality and craftsmanship. This is the second Raceseng knob I've purchased, if I had a third car I would definitely order another shift knob from Raceseng!

  3. Not a second guess!

    By Tyler January 15, 2018

    This is an amazing product. Looks great, feels great and moves great. Everything about this shift nob is right on point. very easy install. It took me less than a couple minutes.I say well done to Raceseng for this product. I'd recommend it to any WRX/STI owner.

  4. Really nice feel and look in my WRX.

    By Skyler September 1, 2017

    This is my only mod to my shifter. And I really like it. At first I wasn't sure because it felt too big. But now I really like it. The extra weight makes shifting a lot smoother, and the red looks really nice. Pretty expensive for a shift knob, especially for me in Canada, but Im happy I bought it, worth it.

  5. Love it

    By Collin August 25, 2017

    Right out of the box you can tell this shift knob is very well made. The installation was very simple and only took about 5 minutes. This is a very heavy shift knob and you can tell that it makes a difference when you're shifting between gears. The price tag may be a little hefty for a shift knob but when you wont regret it.

  6. Makes Shifting so EASY

    By GENESIS July 22, 2017

    This weighted shift knob is awesome! it has the perfect weight to make shifting so EASY! this totally changes the dynamics of your driving. I use my WRX as my daily driver, and this makes it so easy to shift gears! MUST HAVE

  7. Red shift knob

    By StiGurl April 16, 2017

    This is dope ! Love the way it look in my 2016 sti there isent much of a difference switching gears wise but I do feel cooler doing it lol very heavy n good quality the down fall was I had to wait 3 n half weeks to recive this other than that I'm happy with this !! And I got laffy taffies

  8. Awesome Shift knob

    By Ricky March 20, 2017

    It doesn't make the shifts THAT effortless but it makes a HUGE difference. It just makes you feel powerful slamming it into every gear.

  9. Big Difference

    By Jason March 20, 2017

    What a difference! Shifting is such a difference from stock to this. It glides so much better with the extra weight. Couldn't believe the difference But very satisfied. Wasn't so sure about spending this much on a knob but very glad I did. Buy nice or buy twice! Thanks Subispeed!!

  10. Fantastic!

    By Christopher January 11, 2017

    This greatly improves shifting thanks to its extra weight. At first I thought it was over priced but once it was installed (literally in seconds) I was overjoyed! I have this paired with the Perrin Shift Stop, Brass Bushing, and Short Shift Adapter, and shifting has never felt better! I highly recommend!

  11. Nice and heavy

    By Devin December 15, 2016

    This shift knob is absolutely amazing! I didn't realize how much of a difference the weight of a knob could make but this has sold me. I don't think I will own any manual car without a heavy shift knob from now on. The ONLY thing to keep in mind about this is that it gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Either wear gloves or do what I do and throw a koozie on it when you're not in the car/when you start driving.

  12. Awesome

    By Derek October 25, 2016

    I went with the red translucent finish In my 2016 wrx and I love the way it looks. The added weight definitely helps go into gear easier and it looks great!!

  13. Worth the price tag!

    By Erik July 31, 2016

    I'll openly admit that $145.00 for a shift knob seemed ridiculous to me when I ordered this. However, for some reason I decided to buy it anyways. I'm very glad I did! I bought the Red Translucent knob. First off, It looks fantastic! The weight of this thing is impressive and the color is a nice, deep red that stands out, demanding attention. I get compliments on it all the time. Secondly, the added weight gives the overal shift feel a nice solid feel. If you like slamming into gears while driving in a spirited fashion, this shift knob will add some nice, solid gear shift action. As others have mentioned. This is metal, it will get super hot on those heat wave stricken summer days and about as cold as a block of ice on winter mornings if you live in a place with fluctuation temperatures. I like having the added weight. However, on days when I prefer a more easy going shift feel, the shift knob can easily be removed; but honestly, with a shift knob as well-made and attention grabbing as this one, why would you remove it?

  14. Love the looks

    By Daniel January 30, 2015

    Their look is fantastik and the heavy feel is reassuring when changing speed. Can't wait to install the PERRIN shifter stop with their Brass Shifter Bushing Kit. And yes it becomes very cold in the winter but I usually drive with gloves anyways. I also assume it will become pretty hot if directly under the summer sun. But it is still woth it!

  15. Great Change from Stock

    By Steven November 26, 2014

    Great extra weight when shifting, plus its a nice look. The only negative is that it heats up in the sun and is super cold in the winter.

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