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Openflash Tuning Tablet OFT 2.0 Version 2

2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, 86

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Gain up to 20HP without getting your hands dirty or even opening the hood! This is a fully functional, handheld ECU flash programming tool that offers open source map editing, on-board datalogging and on-screen realtime data viewing and graphing. Say "Goodbye" to ROM encryption or "magic box" piggyback tuning. Now you can have all the tuning flexibility you need in one convenient package that you can store in your glovebox! Includes OpenFlash Tablet, OBD cable and USB cable. NOTE: Only for Window's based PC's, NOT MAC. NOT Carb compliant.
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  • Gain up to 20hp without getting your hands dirty or even opening the hood
  • Automatic tuning file generation with no laptop required
  • Free Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps available for various vehicle modifications
  • Free tuning software
  • Full open ROM editing with no encryptions or locks
  • Trouble code reading/clearing
  • Enhanced data-logging/data-graphing
  • Digital gauge displays
  • Wideband O2 sensor support
  • Multiple tuning file storage
  • No software licensing
  • 100% reversible to original factory tune in minutes
  • True plug-and-play functionality

FT86SF New Open Flash Tablet Version 2.0

Tuning Freedom for all the Power You Need

Gain up to 20HP without getting your hands dirty or even opening the hood of your 2013-2020 FRS, BRZ , or 86! This is a fully functional, handheld ECU flash programming tool that offers open source map editing, on-board datalogging and on-screen realtime data viewing and graphing. Say "Goodbye" to ROM encryption or "magic box" piggyback tuning. Now you can have all the tuning flexibility you need in one convenient package that you can store in your glovebox! Includes OpenFlash Tablet, OBD cable and USB cable. With 1 hour of available memory, high speed data logging files are stored internally in .CSV format.

FT-86 SpeedFactory Quickstart Video

More Power Right Our of the Box

Version 2 features a bigger sceen with higher resolution display, sleeker enclosure, faster processor, and more memory. Functionally it is identical to the OFT version 1, but it will offer higher speed data logging and a few other features that yet to be released. With pre-loaded tuned maps files for your car, there is no need to ever connect the OFT to a laptop. You simply pick what map best suits your level of modifications and touch the screen! Of course, you can always take advantage of custom tuning through your laptop interface if you (or your tuner) wants to make customized mapping changes.


  • 2013-2016 Scion FRS
  • 2013-2020 Subaru BRZ
  • 2013-2020 Toyota 86

Open Flash Tablet FAQ

In a few words, what is the OpenFlash Tablet?

It is a portable hand held flashing device with high-resolution backlit color touchscreen with internal speaker. It comes with a USB cable, OBDII cable and download links for the OpenFlash software (map manager), map editor (Tuner Pro) and XML definition files.

What is "open" ECU mapping?

The term "open", in the tuning world, refers to being able to have full access to the ECU's ROM file. In the case of the MSD80/81, this ROM file is a 2.1megabyte binary (.bin) file that is stored in a memory location on your ECU. This file is where all the engine mapping data is stored. By "full access", you are able to read, save and edit your original ROM file without any sort of encryption. You will also have full knowledge of table location (when defined in the .XDF definition file), its values and its scaling. There is nothing hidden or obscured for the sake of IP protection. Even the dealership won't be able to easily tell if the ECU is modified since the software IDs are unchanged.

Does the OpenFlash Tablet correct for checksum?

Yes, when uploading modified/tuned ROM files into the Open Flash tablet, the Open Flash user software will automatically apply checksum correction.

How long does it take for the Open Flash Tablet to flash my ECU?

At this time, each flash write takes just under 5 minutes. The Open Flash tablet writes the entire 1.3 megabyte file.

How do I install the OpenFlash Tablet?

To install, you simply plug the device into the OBDII diagnostic port and follow the prompts. Within a few seconds, the Open Flash Tablet will initiate a read sequence. You only need to do this once. This process only takes 2 minutes. After this process is complete, the Open Flash Tablet will have saved your factory ROM file which will be available for you to view and edit as you see fit on your laptop computer. For safety, the OpenFlash Tablet automatically saves the original ROM file in a special read-only memory location. Which means that you can't accidentally write over it.

Do I need a battery charger?

No battery charger is necessary since the read and write processes are so brief.

Will the OpenFlash Tablet work on a BRZ/FR-S with an Ecutek tune?

We do no recommend trying to read and edit an Ecutek tuned ECU with OpenFlash Tablet. Instead, we suggest flashing your ECU back to 100% stock configuration using the Ecutek programming cable and the proceeding as normal. There is no longer any need for the Ecutek cable or license.

Do the Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps incorporate the Direct Injector seal update/fix?

Yes. All OTS maps are based upon the newest factory software calibration with DI seal fix. So even if your ECU current has an old software version (without DI seal fix), flashing your ECU with any of our OTS maps will provide the fix.

Are software updates free and how do I get them?

Software updates are free and available by simply plugging the OpenFlash Tablet into your laptop while running the OpenFlash user software. Upon launching (with a wifi connection), the OpenFlash software will automatically check for software and firmware updates and apply them immediately. With each update, expect new features and bug fixes (yes, we are human!).

How many ROM files can the Open Flash tablet hold?

At this time, the OpenFlash tablet can hold 3 ROM files with one of them being the original ROM file. This will change eventually as we continue to develop this product. Each ROM file is 1.3 megabytes and the total storage capacity on the OpenFlash Tablet is 256 megabytes. So plenty of room to grow while still leaving sufficient storage for datalog files.

Does the OpenFlash tablet offer data-logging?

Yes, high-speed on-board datalogging is supported by the OpenFlash Tablet! On-screen data viewing and data graphing functions are also available, making the OpenFlash Tablet a powerful tooling tool. Datalogs can also be analyzed on your laptop with our free datalog viewer (downloadable from our website).

Can I flash multiple cars wither the same device?

No. Each OpenFlash Tablet can only flash the ECU of one car at a time. However, it can be "unmarried” from the car by flashing the original ROM file into the ECU and erasing the device contents. At which time, the device can be installed on a second car. But even when married to one ECU, the device and be used in Diagnostics mode in other vehicles. Diagnostics mode will provide individual adaptation resets, code reading/clearing, data view and soon, data-logging and data graphing.

Is this for advanced users only?

No. It is for beginners and advanced users alike. There is no need to edit ROM files yourself if you are not comfortable with doing so. Instead, beginners can use the Tuning Wizard feature on the Tuner Pro map editing software to tune your ROM at a click of the mouse. Advanced users, on the other hand, can do just about anything. From modifying map data, changing load/rpm breakpoints, editing software calibration IDs, etc,. There is nothing but your own discretion keeping you from doing whatever you want to do.

Can I make a clone ECU using the OpenFlash Tablet?

We have not attempted to do this yet given the cost of a ECU. But this will be tested soon.

What other development tools are coming in the future?

Expect a built-in CAN bus sniffing function eventually.

Is a flash from this device detectable by the dealership?

Each modified ROM file is based upon the original ROM. In this ROM file, you have all the mapping data and the software ID data. Typically, you will only ever want to modify the mapping data. Which means the software IDs will be untouched and stock-looking upon basic inspection. However, it is possible for the dealership to conduct a more thorough inspection of the ECU code. Which is why we recommend flashing the original ROM file back into the ECU at your own discretion.

What tuning software do I use?

You can actually use any general map editor to tune your ROM file. Just as long as it can accept an unencrypted ROM file and save in the same format. However, we officially support Tuner Pro map editor. It can be downloaded, for free, here: Thank to early beta testers, we have a complete list of definition files for all US market ECU software versions. These definition files, when imported into the free Tuner Pro software will identify all the tables you will need (and more!) for tuning. XDF files for other non-US market ECU will be coming soon.

Can my tuner lock these maps so I can't view them?

No. These maps are not "lockable".

Why is this device so inexpensive? Is it bad?

We have full time jobs. We are doing this on the side. So we aren't looking to do much more than cover our hardware costs, risks and time. If the price appeals to you, fantastic. If it doesn't, then there are other mighty fine options on the market for you to choose from!

Can I disable codes?

Yes, many common code toggles are defined in the current XML definition files. More can be found quite easily.

Can I read/clear codes?

Yes, all ECU trouble codes can be read in hexadecimal format. A code look-up document is also provided for user convenience.

How many tables do I have access to?

At current count, you will have access to well over 200 tables. More will come as more users dig into the ROM.

How many time can I flash my ECU?

Theoretically, there is a finite limit as to how many times your ECU can be flashed. However, we have flashed our development ECU over 500 times without a hiccup. This should not be a concern to most users.


OpenFlash Manager v1.13.0 - This application is compatable with OFT fimrware 119 and later. This app is used for uploading/downloading up to 5 (five) maps to/from your OpenFlash Tablet. It also automatically applies firmware and software updates when WIFI is detected. If you have an older version of OpenFlash manager, there is no need to delete it from your comptuer. Just run the new setup .exe and everything will be updated automatically. This new version of the OpenFlash Manager software gives you the ability to download and view datalog files (.CSV) from your OpenFlash Tablet.

Windows 8 Patch - Users using Windows 8 operating system MUST run this executable after installing OpenFlash Manager. Failure to do so will result in improper checksum correction when uploading tune files into the OpenFlash Tablet. This will result in an ECU programming error.

Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Maps v1.59 - OTS tunes files for all vehicles, stock or modified. Premium grade gasoline must be used. E85 fuel must be used for E85 designated tune files. Folder is in .zip format and must be uncompressed after download. These tune files are intended for competition use only. These tunes files may not be legal for street use. Please check with your local regulations.

Vishnu OpenFlash GT86 Datalog Viewer - This is the application used to view the datalog files that you download from your OpenFlash Tablet.

Tuning Software - This application is used to create and modify tune files files.

For BETA Testers

RomRaider Tuning Software - This is another very useful tuning software. You will also need to load definition files (.xml) which can be downloaded below. Please note that this software is 100% FREE. But it's always nice to donate to the RomRaider team:

RomRaider XML Files - These are the experimental definition files used by RomRaider to edit tune files. They should only be used with tuning files generated by OpenFlash Tablet.

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  1. Amazing Product

    By Haroon March 16, 2023

    OFT is the way to go for the ones that are new to the car scene. I have had no issues with it, and there is a lot of support on both their website as well as tutorials on YouTube!

  2. Amazing

    By Haroon March 16, 2023

    Product is amazing for people coming into the car scene and are beginners with tuning. The support is great too!

  3. Must have

    By Hunter_511 February 24, 2023

    Makes a world of difference when paired with an aftermarket header I haven’t messed around with custom tunes yet but the off the self ones are doing just fine

  4. Easy to use

    By Ziggy December 23, 2022

    Watched some tutorials on YouTube and I was able to use it and even add launch control. There are tons of resources so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

  5. Defective on Arrival

    By Ernesto October 1, 2022

    I bought this for my 2015 BRZ. The tablet could not read my ECU and kept popping up the same error code. Correspondence with the Open Flash maker is slow and all I have is a $500 paperweight. Buyer beware, I'm sure there have been good experiences but for me it was a $500 gamble I should have avoided. There are no returns on this item.

  6. Do it

    By Jerm September 27, 2022

    Grabbed this and a set of UEL catted headers, transformed the car in excellent fashion. Getting the OpenFlash Manager to work and update my tablet properly was a bit tricky, because come to find out this tablet doesn't work in a USB 3.0 drive, has to be older version. Once I got that straightened out though was easy, straightforward to upload/download and flash the car. I'm a total beginner. Do it.

  7. E85 is the way!

    By Carlos medrano August 4, 2022

    On e85 plus you can feel the power all the way through I would recommend if your not thinking about getting a turbo or supercharger but after this your gunna starve for more hp so just wait a little bit if your gunna go that route. Other than that it is a really good product I had to look put a video because it didn’t come pre downloaded.

  8. Best Purchase In My Opinion!

    By Ben July 30, 2022

    Bought this a little while ago after I got a full exhaust and oh my gosh the things you can do with this is crazy. It is super easy to set up and plugs right in and works! I followed a YouTube video on how to do a burbles tune and it was so easy it feels like cheating. One of my best purchases so far.

  9. Fantastic

    By LW May 20, 2022

    Works very good super easy to use but the support web site was a little tricky. there were no tunes preloaded tunes on it so I had to download them. Well worth the money went stage 2 with a UEL header very noticeable difference.

  10. Fantastic

    By LW May 20, 2022

    Works very good super easy to use but the support web site was a little tricky. there were no tunes preloaded tunes on it so I had to download them. Well worth the money went stage 2 with a UEL header very noticeable difference.

  11. Must have

    By Kreed January 13, 2022

    So I’m currently only on stage 1 but when I get my headers I’ll go to stage 2+ and update this review so I’ll simply break down what I’ve noticed! 1. (Old) throttle was either off or on feeling, it made taking off weird. (After Tune) the throttle is way more linear and doesn’t want to shoot it to 3k RPM so take off is EXTREMELY smooth! 2. The 3.5k-5k dip is less noticeable but I’d say it’s still (slightly) there! Stage 2+ UEL Headers should completely alleviate this issues 3. Buttery smooth idle, before the car almost felt “shakey” when parked and idling. (After tune) the car sits at 700rpm and the car is silent and steady! 4. (Extra Stuff) A 4year old could do this install so don’t stress about it at all! Easy to use UI Cons. The only cons I have with the device is the build quality is bad compared to something like a Ktuner v2 Don’t know if you can mount this thing and the cable that plugs into the car is short so you will have to get an extension if you do decide to mount it!

  12. This REALLY works.

    By David December 14, 2021

    I bought my OFT back in 2016 about a year after purchasing my '15 BRZ. I had seen it on 'Everday Driver' after they installed it on their FRS with the FT-86 SPEEDFACTORY V1 CAT BACK & UEL catted header. I bought the OFT before installing the UEL Header and it worked great with the OEM header. A year later I got the UEL header and it was even better. Then in 2020 I installed the V1 catback and the whole thing works and sounds fantastic.Torque dip is totally gone and drivability is much improved: torque curve seem much fatter and flatter; you get throttle rsponse at all rpms.

  13. Best bang for yer buck

    By Michael March 19, 2021

    This is a must-own and should be the FIRST thing you buy if you're modding your 86.

  14. Great NA performance.

    By Landon July 31, 2020

    I had my car flashed to e85 with uel headers. It gives you a pretty dang noticeable bump in power compared to stock which the car very much needed. Plus you can set up backfire/flame tunes which are way too much fun. For NA use I would 100% recommend but if you're planning on boosting your car down the roadI would skip the OFT and get an ecutek instead.

  15. Worth time and money!

    By Strago July 19, 2020

    Product came I'm much sooner then I expected!! Setting it up was easy had no trouble. Torque dip is hardly noticable definitely satisfied with the product!

  16. Must have upgrade

    By Dennis December 3, 2018

    I’ve had my BRZ for four years stock and finally ordered this along with a Tomei UEL header. Had the stage one installed for one week and noticed very positive changes to the vehicle both in response and even power. Just installed my UEL header and now on stage 2. Completely transformed the car, it’s so fun to drive - do yourself a favor and get this! Even at stock I promise it’s worth it.

  17. 10/10 would buy again

    By Stuart September 30, 2018

    This is the best thing ever I own a 2016 FRS manual and I had a friend make a pop tune for me... So if you want free popcorn for life get this

  18. Great product

    By Tanner September 26, 2018

    In most descriptions/reviews it says some ECUs will have the “write” function grey and disabled until manually downloading tunes on to tablet. After YouTubing and what have you, id just expect to have to do this. It’s easy, good youtube help on it, but I have a ‘13 frs running original tune and the OFT did not give me my tunes. Once you get openflash manager though it’s way straight forward. Product is exactly what I wanted. Arrived a day earlier than estimated. I’m scratching the surface of what this thing allows but it’s a powerful tool.

  19. No More Torque Dip!

    By Paul June 29, 2018

    I recently bought and used the tuner and, like most car owners, I was a little out of my comfort zone flashing my ECU. If you are combing the reviews to get some sort of 'at ease' feeling then this is it. It was simple to use and worked as advertised. I am currently using the stage 2 UEL E85 tune and it works great! NO issues to report and I am definitely enjoying the extra HP and linear power distribution in the engine! (aka no more torque dip)

  20. Quality buy

    By RJ December 1, 2017

    Well worth the money simple and easy to use.

  21. 17BRZ, Warning

    By Mark November 11, 2017

    Great and Simple product to use. I like the simple setup and diagnostics for my 17BRZ. Only warning is that if you drive a 2017 BRZ/GT86. You will need to get the tunes directly from the company. Software and directions very easy... but be warned for 2017 models you need to contact them after you have the tablet read the stock ECU. Once you send them the specs, they send the tune within 2-3 hours or so. Results may vary... still recommend on buying it

  22. Best investment

    By Bryan July 7, 2017

    I was a bit sceptical about getting the OFT. But man was it so worth it. As I've gained more items like headers the power increase is well worth it. Everyone with a BRZ/FRS should have one.

  23. It is worth !

    By Peempos March 17, 2017

    Hi , I'm from Thailand. The Openflash tablet is working very well with my jdm brz. Two words for the Openflash tablet 'Convenient and Effective' :)

  24. Amazing product!

    By Bryan August 6, 2015

    I purchased this OFT about 8 months ago and i never really used it for more then logging till 4 months ago when i dove into tuning. It was a completely different car afterwards! People who didn't ride with me in months noticed the difference and asked if it added more boost or something. If you're looking to tune, tweek, and play with your FRS at the heart, then you NEED the Open Flash Tablet in your life.

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