OLM License Plate Bulbs

2015-2020 Subaru WRX / STI / 2013-2020 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86 / 2014-2018 Subaru Forester / 2013-2018 Subaru Crosstrek / 2017-2020 Impreza 5D (Hatch)



Higher end vehicles are starting to come with pure white license plate lights. You can replace your orange halogen bulbs with OLM LED bulbs for a similar look.

OLM LEDs are long lasting, low current, and output a brilliant, white light.

By checking a box below, you are purchasing enough to equip one vehicle.

Please see notes in main description if you have a 2017+ Impreza Sedan.

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  • Bright White LED
  • Long Lasting
  • Low Current
  • Direct Replacement


The Vision+ Complete LED Housings offers the widest, and brightest lighting solution for your license plate.

This complete replacement housing requires removal of the OEM housing. Simple removal of 4 bolts in addition to two plastic fasteners allows the main cover over the housings to come off. Unclip the harness and pop the housings out. Replace with OLM units and reconnect harnesses.


These simple replacement bulbs are still ultra bright. They feature a 4 chip design and will not throw any codes or draw much current. However, they will provide pure, bright, white light for a long time.


  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX
  • 2013-2020 Subaru BRZ
  • 2014-2020 Forester
  • 2013-2020 Crosstrek
  • NOTE: This DOES NOT fit the 2017+ Impreza Sedan (4D). It DOES fit the 2017+ Impreza Hatch (5D).


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  1. Good upgrade over stock

    By Jay September 22, 2022

    Makes car look newer and better quality. Small upgrade, huge difference.

  2. Amazing product

    By Su.Yota July 31, 2022

    Makes the rear ended of my BRZ look absolutely amazing. Took away from the ugly yellow glow shining off my black paint and made it a nice crisp white glow shining off both my paint and my license plate. Makes the car look much better for things like rollers.

  3. By Joel January 8, 2022

    Great buy. it really makes the back look better instead of those ugly yellow lights. this also lights up the rear by the back up camera so you can see better through It

  4. Best $20 spent so far!

    By Justme December 13, 2020

    There look so much better on my series white than the bulbs that came it it. The post bulbs were the only non- LED exterior bulbs on the car. Super easy to install, what took the most time was the pop rivets. I hope they last, but if they don’t I will just buy more!!!

  5. Easiest and cheapest way to look good

    By Derek March 3, 2020

    Wow. What a difference a couple little lights can make. The easiest, cheapest, quickest way to make your car a little special.

  6. bright

    By staticmeg December 9, 2019

    had these bulbs for all but 3 years now, time to replace one of them. super bright lights up the road behind you also. great quality

  7. GOOD AF

    By Marvin September 18, 2019

    Installation was very easy and the difference is out of this world. So much worth it!

  8. Amazed at the light output!

    By matt September 6, 2019

    Once you remove the 4 hidden nuts on the backside of the trim piece, it takes no time to replace these housings. And the pictures on here do NOT so them justice. These lights are 100x brighter and more clear than standard halogens. Couldn't believe the difference.

  9. Great product

    By Jacob April 23, 2019

    Super happy with the full housing replacements really bright clean light without being too bright

  10. Great LED lights

    By Alex April 15, 2019

    I ordered the full OLM vision+ housings and I’m very happy with my purchase. Very simple install after watching the videos, no issues at all. The only thing I will mention is that the weather seal on the housings wasn’t secured to the housings, so be careful when you’re installing them that it doesn’t get pinched in any spots to allow water in. Other than that, great product at a fair price. Nice and bright with a good color.

  11. Super Bright!

    By Melena February 26, 2019

    Bought the full housing replacement, just a note you will have to remove the trunk trim piece that's over the licence plate area to install with the housing. Look great and are SUPER SUPER BRIGHT! Even lights up the road behind you! Overall very happy!

  12. Amazing!

    By Carlos January 13, 2019

    I got the vision + and worth every penny, easy install

  13. Plug and play easy to use.

    By Kush January 8, 2019

    You will be done then less then a minute to install this. Twist the blue out when it's cold. Pop bulb out new bulb in twist back in and boom done!

  14. high output

    By ryan July 1, 2018

    bright lights, you can see these from a huge distance

  15. Easy install

    By Ryan June 26, 2018

    Pop clips off carpet in trunk, fold down, easy install. Gives that nice modern look

  16. Wow...What a difference!

    By Trey May 6, 2018

    A clean, bright, white light that showcases my custom tag. Install took less than 5 mins. Very satisfied.

  17. Bright enough to help when backing

    By Danny April 30, 2018

    Looks great and very bright. Helps when backing at night.

  18. Awesome Look

    By Dylan February 18, 2018

    Another great product, with a super easy install that gives you that stylish look we all wish came factory. Still not sure why they don't?! I don't know if there is any variation in colors, but if they are available that may be something to consider offering. I know personally I'm a fan of the cool blue look, but the bright white is just as nice!

  19. Simple and stylish

    By AgentOrange November 21, 2017

    5 min install. Led are very bright.. nice clean look.

  20. Simple and stylish

    By AgentOrange November 21, 2017

    5 min install. Led are very bright.. nice clean look.

  21. Should come like this from Subaru

    By Michael November 10, 2017

    Very simple install - just watch the video. Takes 5 minutes. Really should come with LED's all around from the factory, but this is a cheap, simple fix. Would recommend to anyone.

  22. Way Brighter Than Stock!

    By Abraham November 3, 2017

    I really dislike the yellow stock OEM bulbs that come in the rear and these were a great replacement! They as a more modern look to the rear and I have white LED's bulbs installed all over the front and rear of the car so these match perfectly with the rest of the white lights that I have. Took 5 minutes at most to change the old ones and put these in. They're so bright that they light up the street underneath them! Really have to recommend these to anyone looking to get rid of the ugly yellow OEM lights!

  23. Take's like 5 min tops to instal

    By Lwis September 9, 2017

    Well worth it make your car pop out more at night.

  24. Looks great

    By Oscar May 21, 2017

    Super easy install. Took about 5 minutes. Adds a very good appearance. 5 Stars all the way!

  25. Great product!

    By Sean April 22, 2017

    Really add to the look of the rear end.

  26. Awesome product

    By DALTON March 30, 2017

    Very simple install, really lights up the license plate area as opposed to the factory oem halogen bulbs. Shipping was very fast. Very satisfied with the product and customer service.

  27. Very good product that works great

    By John March 30, 2017

    This product is really easy to fit and looms amazing, really really bright fitting took about 10 mins and so easy no.special tools

  28. Beautiful white light mod / Full housing durability issue

    By John January 17, 2017

    I ordered the full housing replacement. These were very easy to install even without removing the trim piece. They provide beautiful bright white light and provide a very high end look at night. I like how it lights up behind the car making seeing what is behind you when backing out much easier. However, 1 year and 1 month after installing these the glue gave out that keeps the housing together on one of them, perhaps due to the very cold winters we have here in Buffalo. Sadly this is just after the 1 year warranty expired so I will have to glue it back together.

  29. Huge improvement

    By Jamison December 25, 2016

    These took fewer than 5 minutes to install but made a huge improvement over the horrible halogen stock bulbs. Would highly recommend

  30. Vision LED bulbs

    By Nick November 23, 2016

    super bright and easy plug-n-play. be careful popping out your liner clips because it's flimsy plastic. you don't need the full housing unless you have a gold license plate you wanna show off. the vision is bright enough.

  31. Pure white

    By JKWRX0815 June 2, 2016

    Awesome great white light, should have came like this. Bright enough to light up the road below the car.

  32. Full housing replacement, very bright!

    By Sergio January 22, 2016

    I got these for Christmas, and were a lot brighter than I thought they would be (in a good way). about a week later one of the tabs broke, so I could hear it rattle around in my trunk(must of gotten a defective one) let subispeed know. They sent me a new one a couple days later. Very happy with my lights and the customer service!

  33. BRIGHT

    By Shawn December 30, 2015

    I got the full light replacement and it is ridiculously bright. It actually helps when backing out of parking spots and lets you see with the reverse camera. Looks very slick at night.

  34. Great product

    By David December 14, 2015

    Easy installation! Looks great!

  35. Light looks great, installation was tricky

    By Edward August 13, 2015

    I ordered the full housing set, and didn't want to pull the trim off, so after a few minutes of wiggling, i managed to pull them out. The new ones slid right in with no trouble and light up great!

  36. 5+ stars!!

    By Vince July 29, 2015

    So bright!! So easy to instal. they even light up the roadway behind you at night, looks good! Thanks again Yo for the Laffy taffy

  37. Does what it says

    By Danntastic July 24, 2015

    The reverse lights are a clean white and look great. The only problem is that I feel that the light interferes with the reverse camera when backing up at night. I think the intense white is washing out the display. I will probably return to OEM bulbs after I compare both again.

  38. Full housing replacement

    By Tracie June 22, 2015

    I did the full housing replacements. They look fantastic. I'm very happy with the purchase and make the car look much better. I have also done the reverse lights, and my back up camera is very clear and bright. Ran into a little bump. When you read the additional information there is two things that weren't clear to me. 1st- You have to take off the piece of trim from your trunk lid to fit these in. Which means removing 4 bolts and pushing two blue plastic plugs in, (away from the car). 2nd- The LED's plug into the factory plug. Remove OEM bulb, but leave the white plug into the wiring harness. The new LED plugs into the old spot where the OEM bulb was. Pictures submitted as well.

  39. Classy addition

    By Kyle May 11, 2015

    This cleans up the appearance of the license plate and adds a classy feel/look to the back. Easy install, video is on point with the ease of installation.

  40. Super Bright

    By Matthew May 5, 2015

    This install took all of about ten mins, pulled off the trunk liner, then removed the 4 8mm nuts holding on the molding piece, then it was just a quick snap out and snap in of the new lights and wow do they make a difference. Well worth it and will look amazing with the Tails as Turn signal upgrade!

  41. Bright and White

    By Adam April 17, 2015

    I love these LEDs. They really complete the look I was going for. I chose the 'Vision' LED replacement bulbs and install was too easy.

  42. Very Easy!

    By Leonard February 16, 2015

    Looks great.

  43. Worth it

    By Jeremy February 10, 2015

    Super to easy to install. Looks a lot better than the Halogen bulbs that come with the car. You can't go wrong with this upgrade.

  44. very happy with the V+ upgrade

    By Johno January 26, 2015

    HUGE difference over the OEM and they look great.

  45. Awesome appearance!

    By Corey January 9, 2015

    Just went with the bulb replacement and it's a huge difference over OEM. The light is a fantastic white color and even lights up the ground below.

  46. Perfect

    By 15_STI October 30, 2014

    I went with the 'Vision' LED replacement bulbs rather than the full housing. They are a fantastic upgrade over the stock bulbs - nice, bright and crisp look, rather than the stock 'flat battery' yellow. Quick shipping from SubiSpeed as well :)


    By Steph October 20, 2014

    I purchased the Vision+ LED lights for the license plate frame. Easy install and and it's a very nice upgrade from the stock lighting.

  48. Great Look

    By Christopher October 13, 2014

    The LED bulbs gives my STI an excellent look vs the oem. Easy installation

  49. Vision+ the way to go!

    By Alexis September 21, 2014

    Guys, I just received my Vision+ LED License plate lights and installed them... took me no more than 10 minutes after figuring things out, overall 15 minutes and I'm a noob. I have to wait for night time but at least from what I could see this afternoon the lights looked awesome and really bright!!!!!!!!1 I think this is the best way to go, plus you get the 1 year warranty so it's a given which is the best way to go. Thank you Yo and the rest of the Subipeed team!

  50. Bright. Very very bright.

    By Joey September 6, 2014

    I just got the LEDs, not the replacement housing but even without the housing these are still super bright compared to stock. It's a small detail but they look great. They're so bright they cast a very visible light onto the ground behind the car.

  51. Vision + Full Housing

    By Frank September 5, 2014

    Easy install and looks way better than the ugly yellow stock lights. No complaints.

  52. Easy install, big difference

    By invisusAG August 17, 2014

    These are really easy to install and they look amazing. Way better than stock.

  53. Great product

    By invisusAG August 16, 2014

    Easy to install, and look great!

  54. Looking good,

    By AzuluzA June 2, 2014

    Great look compared to those ugly yellow stock lights.

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