OLM LED Front Turn Signal Bulbs

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI / 2013-2016 Scion FR-S / BRZ / 2014-2021 Forester / 2013-2021 Crosstrek


The factory bulb is completely tinted orange. This makes the housing it resides it turn orange as well. OLM replacements have much less color in the bulb overall. This makes the color in the housing less noticeable.

Turn signals are obviously important and it takes a high power LED to replace the stock halogen bulb. These lights are bright enough so there are no safety issues with using them.

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OLM LED Turn Signal Bulbs

The factory bulb is completely tinted orange. This makes the housing it resides it turn orange as well. OLM replacements have much less color in the bulb overall. This makes the color in the housing less noticeable.

Turn signals are obviously important and it takes a high power LED to replace the stock halogen bulb. These lights are bright enough so there are no safety issues with using them.

Bulbs are sold as a PAIR.

2018+ WRX Limited / STI

Whether your turn signals are in your headlights or in their own casing, this bulb will look and perform great!


OLM turn signals now feature a mirrored top portion and a white base. This makes your turn signal housing look completely mirrored with little trace of color.


LED technology usually has less current draw than the halogen bulbs they replace. This causes the turn signals to "hyperblink" or blink really fast. We have a PLUG AND PLAY replacement module that will prevent this. No modifying stock wiring, splicing, cutting, or used of resistors.

Only 1 required per vehicle. If you already have this module installed, you do not need another.

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  1. Happy Customer!

    By Joe March 27, 2023

    Works perfectly in my '21 STI limited headlight housing. Makes this look so much more premium than the stock halogens. Brighter than stock, but not blinding at night for other drivers at all (which I was worried about). Hyperblink module definitely needed. I tested to see what would happen before installing the module and had hyperlink. All in all, I am very happy with this upgrade and happy to get rid of the last set of halogens in the car!


    By Austin W August 30, 2017

    These bulbs look so much better than the orange oem bulbs. the front now looks clean with no yellow tint and they are much brighter than the factory bulbs.

  3. Looks clean and bright

    By Jordan July 22, 2017

    easy install even the blink module. the long first turn indication does kind of suck but its bearable with the clean look on the front end.

  4. Looks Cleaner

    By Shawn December 30, 2015

    I did not like seeing the orange tinge within the housing of the front bumper. I replaced it with the LED and the orange tinge of the old halogen bulb is now gone and leaves it looking cleaner when your car is sitting. The housing just looks clear now with a light in it. Much brighter turn signal as well. I already had the blinker module from the Tail as Turn Harness, so no trouble there.

  5. Does what it says

    By Danntastic July 24, 2015

    The LEDs look great and I love the look of a clean clear turn signal sans the orange glass from the OEM bulb. The hyperblink module is not as hard to install as people are making it out to be. It does have the annoying delay with the first blink. for the 2016 STI, if you tap the turn signal but dont lock it into place, the car will blink three times which takes about three seconds. With the hyperblink module and the delay, if you tap, the signal will give one long blink, a regular blink, and will cut off mid third blink. This is not ideal. I am going to research alternate 'hyperblink' modules and replace it as quickly as i can.

  6. Awesome

    By David July 9, 2015

    Purchased both front and rear OLM turn signal bulbs. Quality is excellent and the install is as easy as installing OEM equipment. Literal 'plug and play.' I like the fact that the module has a blinking speed adjuster. Thank you!

  7. Great look, cleans up the front end

    By Kyle May 12, 2015

    Easy install for the bulbs, and the hyperblink module took a bit of muscle to unplug the existing blinker module. I like the fact that I can control the blinker speed to something close to stock, but not obnoxiously fast, like when you plug the bulbs in before the hyperblink module is installed. Great product!

  8. Quality Upgrade with a few Subtleties

    By Daniel March 21, 2015

    Overall this is a worthwhile upgrade. Looks beautiful to have the clear turn signal housing and the LEDs work well. There were a couple of items that surprised me, some are good others are not. So first the good: PROs: The LEDs look really nice. The factory bulbs are a pinch brighter, but not the type of difference anyone will notice without a careful side by side inspection. The LEDs are also a richer orange which I really like (some may not, but I favor it). The hyperblink module (which is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!) also lets you tune the blinker speed to anything your heart desires. Very nice feature if you're like me and favor a slightly slower blink than the mfg standard. The installation was pretty quick (though relatively awkward). Now for the other items... CONs: The hyperblink module adds an odd lag with the first blink. So every time you turn on your signal or engage the hazards, the lights stay on continuously for the time of almost two blinks then resume the normal interval. Kind of an odd feature and frankly one I really wish I could turn off. The installation was quite awkward (though mercifully short all in all). So a mixed bag there. See below for more. Notes on Installation: If you know exactly what the steps are then it's easy. If you're learning on the fly, then it will be more fiddly and awkward than you'd like. A youtube video would make all the difference here (I simply couldn't find one as of 3/21/15). So lacking that, here's a couple pointers: *Turn the wheel completely in for the side you're working on *Remove two plastic push fasteners (one is right inside the wheel well, by the seam of the bumper and quarter panel, second one is underneath the car where the bumper and wheel liner meet - only take out the one closest to you) *Fold back the first couple inches of the wheel liner *Look in and scope out the harness (the fog light is easily visible and the blinker light will be above it and partly visible) *Reach in and turn the light to remove (this is an exercise in fishing around in the dark as it's near impossible and see what's going on) *Replace the bulb and check the polarity before reinstalling (again and exercise in fishing in the dark...) *Button things back up and repeat for the other side

  9. Nice Simple Upgrade

    By Jayman February 21, 2015

    Gives a nice clean look to the lights in front. Very easy to install the new lights. Removing the OEM blinker module is a pain but the new one is adjustable and is a direct fit. I really like them.

  10. 1st Upgrade

    By H20SOL February 14, 2015

    Easy upgrade! Great improvement from the OEM bulbs.

  11. Excellent!

    By Oscar October 18, 2014

    Purchased both front and rear turn signals for my 2015 WRX Limited and I'm very happy with them and how bright they are. Also, big thanks to Subispeed for the quick delivery and the Laffy Taffy, lol!. Install was very simple and the Hyperblink Module is definitely a MUST. All you got to do is wiggle yourself under the driver's side dash and look in towards the steering wheel then push the factory module towards the steering wheel with a little force and it will slide off. I replaced the front turn signal bulbs from underneath the front of the car by folding the wheel liner on the driver and passenger sides and reaching up to get the bulbs. Hope this helps!

  12. Hyperblink module IS NECESSARY

    By Jean-Philippe September 10, 2014

    Do not listen to AzuluzA's comment, I did not purchased the hyperblink module at first (since I also have a limited model) but it turns out it is needed so I had to order separatly again, and in the end it cost more than it should've. Other than that I am very satisfied with the product itself.

  13. Perfect

    By Joey September 6, 2014

    Installed on a 2015 WRX Limited w/ the hyperblink module. A previous reviewer noted that the module isn't needed on the limited models, but it definitely is. The bulb build quality is excellent. One of my concerns with getting LED bulbs was daytime visibility, but that's a non-issue with these- they're very bright. Really like how they 'clean up' the front-end too since there's no longer a reflection from the orange stock bulbs when the blinkers aren't in use. Install was easier than expected: Turn your wheel in to give yourself a little extra space then pop out the two rivets inside the wheel well where the bumper meets the fender. Then you can peel the liner back a little for access. If you need a little more space just give the bumper a little tug and it'll pop out of the guides giving you plenty of room to reach your arm in and replace the bulb.

  14. Good product

    By Eric August 30, 2014

    Very pleased wit how these removed the orange glow in the housing. I'm happy with the product. And just to clarify, as far as my car was concerned, the Hyperblink module was completely necessary. I purchased it, but tried it without first. The rate of the blinker was out of control, I recommend purchasing it.

  15. Looks great and works great

    By Alekzander August 22, 2014

    Just changed out my front signals and love the way these look. Only complaint I have though is that with the new blinker module there is a slight lag on the first blink when activating your turn signal. Its only on the first blink and no matter what speed I set the blink to I still get the lag, its not a big deal but I am a little ocd and notice it.

  16. Looks great, works great BUT...

    By AzuluzA August 2, 2014

    OK so the setup was super easy, I did both front and rear. But what I did notice is that the hyperblink module was not necessary. I mean I installed it anyway because I like how you can control the rate of the flash but never did it give me an error as stated in the product description. Not sure if its because mine is the WRX Limited edition... but if you want to save a little money then might want to try it without the module first.

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