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Sticker Fab Rear Supra Emblem Overlay (Various Colors)

2020+ A90 Supra

$9.98 - $14.25



Sticker Fab has distributed over 20,000 vinyl products in the last few years! This new platform will be a great canvas for their accents and protection items. Give your rear emblem a touch of customization by changing the color from black to a variety of choices. Comes with two stickers. Just in case you stretch the first one or do not align it properly.
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Highlighter Yellow
3D Carbon (Black)
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Rear Emblem Overlay

The vehicle is yours. Make it yours. This simple overlay lets you add color to the factory black emblem. You can also choose a 3D carbon version to give it a textured look. They are made by Sticker Fab who is a US based company that has been creating designs for late model vehicles.

Installation is easy if you follow our instructions below. Comes with two stickers. Just in case you stretch the first one or do not align it properly.

Material Details

No matter what your choice, these materials were sourced from US distributors and will last years.

Installation Notes

Clean the application area and make sure it is clear of any dirt, debris, and ideally wax. Grab a hair dryer or heat gun. You will want to wet the back of the vinyl as soon as you peel it up. Use a slightly soapy mixture of water. This will let you remove the sticker if you don't align it properly. We used the "u" in Supra to help align the vinyl. You can make slight adjustments as you lay it down but if you are off too much you will need to start over. Just use your fingers and pressure to get the water to seep out from under the vinyl. Once it is properly aligned you can add a little heat to increase adhesion and dry up some of the water. Until the sticker is very dry, it may peel up a little on the edges. Keep your car out in the sun or give it a bit of time to dry. Then come back again with the hair dryer or heat gun and apply a little heat. General rules for heat use is that if it burns you then it will be borderline too much for the vinyl in this application.

FTspeed's Carbon Vinyl Overlay Install Video

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