OLM Headlight High Beam Al Series (CSP) Bulbs

2015-2021 Subaru WRX & STI / 2014-2018 Forester / 2013-2021 Crosstrek / 2013-2016 Scion FR-S

$45.00 - $69.00



OLM's Al series utilizes efficient LEDs to maximize light output while keeping the overall bulb affordable. Here's a great plug and play solution for owners with standard halogen bulbs in their headlights.

NOTE: For a better fit, transfer your original high beam bulb gaskets to the new bulbs.

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The first commercial halogen lamp was developed around 1959. In most applications they're easy to recognize due to the high heat and orange light output. They also have a lower life span with lower light output per watt. This new Al series bulb utilizes the latest technology to maximize light output while maintaining an affordable price.

Through experience from previous bulb design, OLM has continued to push its larger heatsinks vs fans. By keeping them out of the design, there are less components at risk of failing.

NOTE: For a better fit, transfer your original high beam bulb gaskets to the new bulbs.

Warranty: 1 year
IP rating: IP65
Minimum Light Output: 3400 lumens per pair
Maximum Light Output: 3800 lumens per pair
Approximate Wattage: 18 watts each


As the trend towards smaller, lighter and thinner luminaires continues to gain momentum, LED manufacturers—including Seoul Semiconductor—have responded by shrinking the size of their LED packaging. One result of this trend is the growing popularity of Chip Scale Package (CSP) technology. CSP technology eliminates the traditional submount to directly attach the LED die to the PCB, allowing for overall system cost reductions. As fully functional LED packages that are equal to or slightly larger than the size of a die, CSPs are increasingly being implemented in lighting designs.

Flash to pass

One of the best features of this light is the ability to be instantly on. You don't have that with HID kits unfortunately. There is no warming up period. Your ability to flash people to notify them during the night or day will not be lost.

Plug and Play Installation

Installation of the 9005 OLM Al series is extremely simple. If the socket fits, that's where it goes! The LED driver to bulb connections come with rubber seals to make sure the connection remains watertight.


With OLM products, for a period of 1 year after the purchase, just e-mail us here and let us know about your issue.

Our trained staff will troubleshoot the product with you if required. They usually ask for a photo or two. If the issue still exists, we send you out a new item free of charge! You will not have to pay shipping to return your item or receive another.

SubiSpeed only offers HID relays when they are possibly required. We have tested the current draw of this kit and found that it does not exceed the factory wiring.

Yes, when the vehicle is sending a lower voltage due to the high beam acting as a DRL, these lights will operate at full brightness.

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  1. Bright but loose.

    By Davo December 27, 2022

    These are really good and bright lights,only problem is that they are loose, they move around, and I can't figure out how to make them fit tight. With them being loose the throw the beam off

  2. Easy, newer gasket design?

    By Alex September 23, 2022

    These are BRIGHT! I guess the design for the gasket has changed since earlier reviews dating 2016 and so on. The install did not require using the OE lights gasket for a snug fit, it was snug straight out of the box.


    By jonnycav August 16, 2022

    Easy install, takes less than 20 minutes all together. LED High beams are super bright!

  4. Easy Install, Super Bright!

    By jonnycav August 16, 2022

    Installing these bulbs is super easy. Takes all of 10-15 minutes and they are a HUGE upgrade from the stock high beams!

  5. Excellent Lighting

    By DRL for WRX December 22, 2021

    My first DRL aftermarket replacement and these are the best! It keeps the high beam and flashing function. It is true that these fit loosely but as long as you add the seals from the OEM bulbs in addition to the OLM seals then the fit will be spot on. Install is a breeze. I highly recommend this product.

  6. Stupid Awesome

    By Miles September 3, 2021

    Ridiculously bright and crazy easy install. Well worth it.

  7. Mixed Review

    By Tyler June 16, 2021

    Good: Easy install, nice and bright for 6000K, good for OEM+ look. Bad: Does not shine onto the road but in a cone-ish shape outwards. I've noticed my oem highbeam lights up the road further and better than this.

  8. Awesome

    By Chan May 31, 2019

    I was using cheapo LEDs I found on Amazon just to color match the 6k HIDs. But these are great, I finally have high beams now. Install was a breeze, just used the gaskets from my old low beam kit cuz these wiggle a little. With the gaskets in place, completely tight.

  9. Best LED

    By Salwan October 12, 2018

    Easy to install, just remember to adjust the lights because they are too bright and you might blind other drivers. Car: 2018 Forester XT premium, this light will be your DLR and high beam.

  10. almost perfect

    By michael April 15, 2018

    A quick easy upgrade. Much better than the stock halogen bulbs. My only problem was they don't fit as snug as I would like. But reading the other reviews on this product helped solve the problem. Just add the gaskets from the old bulbs! Done!

  11. Must have!

    By Leo February 2, 2018

    Highly recommend! Takes 2 minutes to install and way brighter than stock!

  12. Most impressive!

    By Semo January 17, 2018

    Haven’t seen a flash that bright since the day a moon appeared in the beautiful skies of Alderaan.

  13. Plug and play

    By Nikolas January 15, 2018

    The install was short and easy just replace and voiala. These lights make the car look so much better. 100% worth it

  14. Great Product

    By Austin January 15, 2018

    These are way brighter and look better than the factory bulbs simple install but my only issue was i had to shave down the plastic around the connector to get a flush connection. but these look great with the winjet headlights

  15. I'm happy with it

    By Ivan November 1, 2017

    works great pretty strong LED lights

  16. Great!

    By Joseph October 4, 2017

    These are the lights my 2018 WRX should have come with! Easy install and I love the look. Like everyone else said, double up on the o-rings using the o-ring from the OEM bulb and it's a perfect fit.

  17. Bright Light!

    By GENESIS July 22, 2017

    The lights were super easy to install, but the fitting was a little loose. What you can do is, remove the old O-Ring from the old light and add it to this on. Let the O-ring sit right next to each other, then it will have a snug fit. Check once in a while to ensure its secured. Overall its a great product for the price.

  18. Nice color lousy high beam output lasted 15 month!

    By George June 15, 2017

    These are much nicer than the other lights that Comstock. However they don't work very well for highbeams as they don't put out much light, and they only lasted 15 months. I thought LEDs would last much longer.

  19. 2014 Forester XT

    By Austin June 10, 2017

    Installed along with the low beam versions and ended up using the gasket from the stock high beams for these to fit a little more snug, besides that there was no issue with the install.

  20. Great Product and good quality

    By Steve May 26, 2017

    This product provide a better look for your car instead of the OEM lights. Thank you... I'm happy with the result!

  21. Very happy

    By Ralph May 10, 2017

    Quick and painless install. I've had them on my FRS for almost a year now and they haven't given me a single problem. They are way brighter than the factory bulb, draw less power, and are a lot more reliable. Definitely would recommend them.

  22. Easy clean look!!

    By Daryl April 19, 2017

    Easy to install and really bright!

  23. Easy Mod, Clean Look

    By Connor March 24, 2017

    Plug and play. Very easy to install on a 2015 WRX. I only wish the lights fit more snug in the socket. Adding the O-rings from the old high beams gets it 95% there, but I still worry about condensation getting in. The light produced, however, is very bright and makes a great DRL/high beam.

  24. Easiest install I've done

    By Thomas March 20, 2017

    Everything about this product is great. Install is a breeze and everything fits well. Wiring isn't too excessive, just plug n play.

  25. Foerster fit backwards

    By Chance March 8, 2017

    Lights would not turn on when placed in as they should be. Decided to try flipping it around and they fired up. They don't click in with the tabs now so had to use heat shrink to ensure they stay connected.

  26. great product....2017 sti

    By Jeffrey March 1, 2017

    I bought these DRL's for 2017 sti and they look great and were easy to install. i highly recommend these LEDS.

  27. Great Clarity, Easy Fit

    By Anthony January 8, 2017

    I bought these LED's to replace my DRL/high beam and I was really happy with the quality of the bulb itself and the brightness. Installation was a breeze and didn't have to do any modifying to my 2017 WRX. I think it gives the car a cleaner look in the daytime and works great at night if necessary. Definitely worth the buy.

  28. Perfect

    By Alex November 12, 2016

    these fit perfect in my '17 WRX. obviously had to move some things to get to the location but that's fine. Just be wary of them also being your daytime running lights. so you may need to disconnect your resistor.

  29. Awesome!

    By Brandon November 12, 2016

    This product shipped fast and was so easy to install. I like these so much better than the stock oem fog lights. These match the LED headlights and put more light out.


    By Aaron October 30, 2016

    Look great and super bright. I had to take the gasket off my old highbeams to make them fit sung. Other than that, perfect.

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