OLM Headlight Low Beam Al Series (Lumileds CSP) Bulbs

2015-2020 WRX Base and Premium / 2014-2017 Forester / 2013-2021 Crosstrek / 2013-2016 Scion FR-S / BRZ


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OLM's Al series utilizes efficient LEDs to maximize light output while keeping the overall bulb affordable. Here's a great plug and play solution for owners with standard halogen bulbs in their headlights.

UPDATE: Does not require additional harness seen in some pictures.

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The first commercial halogen lamp was developed around 1959. In most applications they're easy to recognize due to the high heat and orange light output. They also have a lower life span with lower light output per watt. This new Al series bulb utilizes the latest technology to maximize light output while maintaining an affordable price.

Through experience from previous bulb design, OLM has continued to push its larger heatsinks vs fans. By keeping them out of the design, there are less components at risk of failing.

Warranty: 1 year
IP rating: IP65
Minimum Light Output: 3400 lumens per pair
Maximum Light Output: 3800 lumens per pair
Approximate Wattage: 18 watts each


As the trend towards smaller, lighter and thinner luminaires continues to gain momentum, LED manufacturers—including Lumileds—have responded by shrinking the size of their LED packaging. One result of this trend is the growing popularity of Chip Scale Package (CSP) technology. CSP technology eliminates the traditional submount to directly attach the LED die to the PCB, allowing for overall system cost reductions. As fully functional LED packages that are equal to or slightly larger than the size of a die, CSPs are increasingly being implemented in lighting designs.

Plug and Play Installation

Installation of the H11 OLM Al series is extremely simple. If the socket fits, that's where it goes! The LED driver to bulb connections come with rubber seals to make sure the connection remains watertight.


With OLM products, for a period of 1 year after the purchase, just e-mail us here and let us know about your issue.

Our trained staff will troubleshoot the product with you if required. They usually ask for a photo or two. If the issue still exists, we send you out a new item free of charge! You will not have to pay shipping to return your item or receive another.

SubiSpeed only offers HID relays when they are possibly required. We have tested the current draw of this kit and found that it does not exceed the factory wiring.

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  1. Simple and worth the money

    By Gummy August 13, 2022

    I purchased these after the led blurbs I bought went out. The instillation was very easy and straight forward, the quality is very good as well.

  2. Great upgrade

    By Marc April 2, 2021

    I upgraded all of my lights to led. The difference is night and day. Super easy to install. Just plug and play. It literally took me about 30 to install all of the leds. I Would definitely recommend that everyone upgrade to led.

  3. Fantastic!

    By Timothy February 20, 2020

    Install was a breeze. I ordered the high beams, low beams and the fog lights put them all in looks fantastic. Definitely an improvement!

  4. nice and bright

    By yat December 16, 2019

    install was a breeze. light is bright and visibility much improved over stock and another brand led low beam headlight.

  5. These are great

    By Steve August 30, 2019

    I’ve used the HID kits before and did so again - but had a short, so tried these and they’re great by comparison. Just plug it in. Less wires. No 3M tape or drilling needed. The lighting is just as good as HID having driven them back to back as a comparison. Slightly more white like a 5k. Will be getting the high beams for the 86 and upgrading our Outback headlights with these (if Subaru approves during the warranty period).

  6. Great lights, terrible taffy

    By Brandon April 25, 2018

    The lights are amazing just got them today super glad I got them, however when I opened the box I was met with an odd surprise, a piece of laffy taffy, but my happiness was short lived when I saw it was banana, yuck, worst flavor ever, I was excited to get my package then ya went and ruined it, way to go guys, a candy I can't eat, now I'm sad and I have to waste my money to get a good flavor to cheer me up. On a side note these lights are amazing so I guess that makes up for it a little.

  7. Excellent

    By Daniel April 25, 2018

    Extremely happy with my purchase from SubiSpeed. Very high quality LED headlights for less than competitors. Nice and bright perfect color perfect fit and I can see that much better over standard halogen . March my olm boomerang lights perfectly and install was a breeze will buy more from subispeed again and again!

  8. Excellent product for exceptional pricing!

    By Fabian February 17, 2018

    Just received the lights today. Easy installation, just plug and play! Definitely a world of change compared to the stock halogen bulbs. Now I have a better piece of mind when my wife and daughter are in the car at night driving. Thanks Subispeed for a fast delivery and outstanding product!

  9. Compliments the LED C-Lights

    By Brandon January 18, 2018

    Looks very nice, matches my Diode Dynamics C-Lights quite well. Easy install and everything works. Very Bright.

  10. Almost plug and play

    By Nikolas January 15, 2018

    So first off i want to say that the product overall makes the car look amazing and im very satisfied. But the adaptor never seemed to work i check it with a multi meter and it didn't draw any current so i had to modify the connector of the light connector to remove the four small plastic notches and after doing that they fit perfect.

  11. Went to these from HIDs

    By AJ September 16, 2017

    Had HID and couldn't get the color to match well enough to the LED DRL lights. These were the best I could find and they work great and are much easier to install. They certainly aren't as bright as the HIDs but they work much better then standard halogen bulbs.

  12. Speechless

    By Brian September 11, 2017

    All I can say about these lights is AMAZING! I changed my stock bulbs on my 2015 WRX to these and I fell in love! Sometimes I just go for a drive at night because I love seeing my lights lol! I really recommend these to anyone wanting to change the bulbs. Very easy installation not hard at all! I give them 100 out of 10!

  13. Great Value

    By Chris June 24, 2017

    These bulbs are just an excellent value. They feel high quality and Im really impressed with the cutoff and light output for the price. Color is perfect, pure white light. Looks very European as far as the style of lighting goes and really makes the car look higher end. Cant wait to replace the fogs and high beam also.

  14. Bright

    By Ralph May 10, 2017

    Quick and painless install. I've had them on my FRS for almost a year now and they haven't given me a single problem. They are way brighter than the factory bulb, draw less power, and are a lot more reliable. Definitely would recommend them.

  15. Great for the price.

    By Nick April 20, 2017

    I ordered these last week and received them a day early from the delivery date. I just installed them a while ago and they are just the right amount of brightness I needed. Fairly simple to install as well. It took me about 20mins to pop them in. Looking for a great quality LED bulb replacement over your stock halogens? I recommend these. Now to buy the DRL/High beam version.

  16. Great headlight

    By Tom April 11, 2017

    Surely subiespeed does not have free two-day shipping like amazon, but these bulbs are way better than the ones on Amazon. It has way less glare, making the road bright just for you but not for other drivers.

  17. easy to install! Brighter than the oem halogen bulbs

    By Rainier April 10, 2017

    Good upgrade and recommended for all xv/impreza owners!

  18. Great alternative to a HID Headlight swap!

    By Walt March 20, 2017

    Installed on my '14 FXT in about 2 minutes from start to finish. Simple to put in, look great and fit the bill price-wise! The color matches up pretty well with the Mishimoto XB fog lights that are also available on SubiSpeed. If only an alternative existed for the LED high beams to allow the lower voltage to only put out a portion of the output.

  19. See the Light

    By Cory March 14, 2017

    Bought my 2017 WRX in August of 2016. First thing that I wanted upgrade where the low beam headlights. Trying to drive in some rural areas without any street lights became extremely difficult with the stock bulbs. After purchasing these and installing them, seeing at night was not a problem anymore. The only semitough part was taking out the air filter and getting a longer socket wrench to put everything back together, so overall not a big deal. High recommend upgrading your stock lights to these guys, they're awesome.

  20. Awesome*****

    By Jesus March 5, 2017

    Awesome product and built quality is one of the best i have seen, light output at night is alott better then the stock bulbs it changes the look of your ride by a ton it took me about 15 minutes to install the with the harnes provided is a plug and play.*****

  21. Crisp

    By Chandler February 25, 2017

    Threw these on along with the OLM DRLs and the subiespeed c-light bulb (would recommend getting those along with these) and it transformed the look of the car at night. My favorite part is the crisp line the low beams give.

  22. Simple and classy.

    By Modiac February 24, 2017

    Took less than 30 minutes to install. They give my Crosstrek Limited that extra Limited look. These bulbs put out a good amount of light as well.

  23. beautiful lights

    By James January 23, 2017

    These lights took me about 30 minutes total to install, including removing the battery on drivers side, and air box on passenger side. These make a HUGE difference in looks and light emitted. I hear all the time that LEDs have poor light output but I can definitely say these give me better visibility than the stock halogens I definitely recommend these!


    By Thiago January 7, 2017

    Driver-side is easier, since all you have to do is take the battery out (if your hands don't fit by just loosening it). Passenger-side requires a little more disconnect, but any beginner can do it. Removing the air-filter bracket and intake duct are simple. There isn't a mess of wires dangling or anything, which is always a plus. I'm very pleased with these. The difference is noticeable outside AND inside the car. I'll be pairing these up with the high-beam & fog lamps next. @_DJ_THIAGO

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