JDL Catted Over Pipe / Front Pipe Combo

2013+ FR-S / BRZ / 86

$639.00 - $779.00



What are you waiting for? JDL Auto Designs Ultra-Quiet Front-Pipe is the perfect way to either start or compliment your existing aftermarket exhaust system to maximize flow and add a little well deserved sound to your 86! These Ultra-Quiet Front-Pipes are fantastic ways for enthusiasts to enhance their car's exhaust with some grunt but at the same time avoiding drawing too much attention.
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JDL Over Pipe / Front Pipe Combo

The JDL Auto Design Combo-Pipe is the perfect solution to maximize clearance through the dreaded sub-frame tunnel while avoiding interference with the right bank cylinder head and sub-frame. Instead of trying to mimic the OEM flange points we have redesigned the point of entry angle and implemented a v-band connection just past the crest of the Over-Pipe where the Front-Pipe begins. Since we were able to design a system that alters the angle of exit for the hump in the combo the amount of clearance has increased significantly. This is even more important to those looking for maximum exhaust flow with our 3" version. The Combo-Pipe also accommodates many much larger After-market front sway bars, whereas a traditional over-pipe design may interfere, especially in the 3" variant. The Combo-Pipes will bolt up to the same flange point as the OEM header as this location remains in the OEM location allowing for modular combinations.

  • U.S. 304 Stainless Steel 16 Gauge Mandrel Bent Tubing (2.5" or 3")
  • TIG Welded and Back Purged to Ensure Strength and Cleanliness
  • Cold Rolled CNC Steel 0.375" 2-Bolt Input and Output Flanges (2.5" or 3") as well as OEM style 2.5" Donut Flange
  • V-Band Combo-Pipe Connection (2.5" or 3")
  • Available with 200 Cell High Flow Metallic Spun Catalytic Converter (2.5" or 3")
  • Available Resonated (For Additional Noise Reduction) (2.5" or 3")
  • Available as a combination of Catalytic converter and Resonator or Dual Resonated w/o Catalytic Converter
  • Comes with All Hardware and Gaskets
  • Made in the U.S.A.

***Lifetime Warranty to Original Owner***

***Lifetime Warranty Does NOT Apply to Catalytic Converters***

***Due to the nature of performance enhanced vehicles and the inevitable extreme environments they may be exposed to, the catalytic converters are not designed to withstand continual exposure to such extremes and therefore are warranted not more than 90 days from initial purchase. This limitation includes vehicles used in sanctioned closed course participation, Dynometer testing and tuning, and ALL forced induction applications. The 90 day warranty on the catalytic converter applies ONLY to the original purchaser with proof of purchase and confirmation the product has not been altered in ANY way. If there are any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in purchasing the product that best fits your personal needs***

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