SubiSpeed USDM TR Style Sequential Tail Lights




These are the first aftermarket tail lights available for the VA WRX / WRX STI. They are available in 4 great color choices and have a 2 mode turn signal with sequential light function built in. NOTE: These are compatible with Diode's tail as turn harness. Instead of having an amber turn signal, you would use the inner red LEDs as a brake / turn signal. NOTE: These are now Plug & Play. They also ship with load resistors to prevent hyperblinking. These units are outside of the casing to aide in preventing condensation build up.
Reset Configuration
Dark Smoke Lens with Black Reflector
Red Lens with Chrome Reflector
Clear Lens with Red Reflector
Clear Lens with Black Reflector and Red Running Light
Clear Lens with Black Reflector and White Running Light


2015+ WRX / WRX STI TR Style Tail Lamps (USDM)

Headlights and tail lights play a huge role in the overall look of the vehicle. While the WRX / STI have some great styling, the door was still left open for a more aggressive aftermarket solution. Original design cues from the headlamps were taken and incorporated into the design. These are factory plug and play units for the 2015+ VA platform*. They are wired for US spec vehicles.

Color options complement those offered for the F1 Style Rear Fog Light.


SubiSpeed began this project in May of 2014. At this time the tail light design and production was just a concept. The first sample was ready around 12 months later. From here the tools to create these lamps were tuned even further until a production ready sample was complete days before Jan 1st 2016.

This product incorporates a lot of ideas and the efforts of many. We hope you enjoy your vehicle and the opportunity you have to customize it.

SubiSpeed Video

Should you upgrade your WRX tail lights?

Solid or Sequential Turn Signal

The SubiSpeed tail light has two options for turn signal operation. It can behave like a standard tail light with simple on / off lighting. You can also utilize the built in sequential turn signals. A switch built into the wiring allows a quick change from one mode to the other.

Tail As Turn Compatible

A popular question among our customers was if the tail as turn module was compatible (if you don't know what the tail as turn module is, please see the related parts links at the bottom). The answer is a solid YES. You can skip the amber turn signals and use the brake light as a turn signal. Everyone has their preferences and this allows for even greater customization!

SubiSpeed Installation Video

With the main harness being plug and play, install is easy and painless. Plan on re-using the factory bolts that hold your current tail lights! Includes hyperblink modules that also have a plug and play connector. These mount outside of the lamp to prevent added heat and condensation build up within the lamp.

Condensation Information Guide

Download here.

Additional Pictures


  • Smoked - Smoked lens with matte black reflector
  • Clear lens with red - Clear lens with cherry red reflector
  • Red lens with chrome - Red Lens with chrome reflector. The red lens tints everything behind it like the F1 fog light. Chrome reflectors used for maximum light output. Bottom strip is clear. OPTIONAL overlays available (see related products below).


  • Pair of Tail Lights pre wired for USDM Vehicles
  • Pair of hyperblink load resistors - plug into each tail (use only if needed)


The short answer is no. We leave our vehicles in the shop quite frequently and especially during the winter months when we aren't able to film track events. We have not had an issue starting our vehicles because of the tail lights. If you leave your vehicle in storage all winter, you should already disconnect your battery to save it from dying (or put it on a trickle charger).

Our video will help your through the installation process. However, just so that you know, everything is plug and play except for 1 wire. There is a power wire that must be run through the trunk and along the sides in order to provide power for the sequential turn signals. An add a fuse is included for easy installation. You will use the add a fuse in the driver's side fuse box inside the cabin (by your left knee when seated). We chose the 15A F. Fog fuse on the bottom row, 3rd from the left.

NOTE: These are now plug and play. You do not have to run a wire into the fuse box for proper operation. They do come with load resistors in the box to prevent hyperblinking. These connect outside of the tail light to help prevent heat and condensation inside of the lamp.

Limited 1 Year Warranty

These tail lights are warrantied by SubiSpeed for a period of *1 year. Please send pictures with any requests for warranty service. This warranty includes lights malfunctioning or burning out. Please see additional tab for more information.

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