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Totally reliable brake fluid that combines a boiling point so high it’s in another dimension with durability and maintainability. You know it’s time to change your G-four 335 brake fluid, which can reach close to 300C, when the color changes from green to crystal clear. This is a huge 1L can so you got plenty to do your car once or twice.
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The Project Mu G-Four 335 Brake Fluid is capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 335 degrees Celsius (635 degrees Fahrenheit, dry boiling point). However, repetitive high temperatures, time, and vaporization can lead to fluid that isn’t as capable. Another issue is when you bleed your brakes, sometime it’s hard to tell if all of the trapped vapor because of the very light and even clear color of the fluid. This is where G-Four 335’s unique color and color changing ability will come in handy.

The color of the Project Mu G-Four 335 Brake Fluid is a two-fold feature; first the green color of the fluid will allow the user to see the vapor bubbles flow out of the caliper bleeder much easier than normal brake fluid. This is not only great for track day customers, but service technicians as well. Second, the color changing feature will allow them to bleed out the exhausted fluid (which is clear) and pull fresher fluid from the brake master cylinder reservoir to the calipers (which will be green). This means that track day enthusiasts will be able to have a safer outing after bleeding the trapped vapor out and service technicians can rest assured that they will know if the fluid is truly bled properly.

Project Mu G-Four 335 Brake Fluid is a 100% Synthetic Glycol fluid that meets and even exceeds DOT-5 requirements. It is not to be mixed with other DOT Brake fluids and a complete flush is recommended prior to use. G-Four 335 is sold in 1 liter cans.

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  1. Great Fluid

    By Edwin August 11, 2017

    I know what some of you are thinking: '$65 dollars for brake fluid? Are you out of your mind?!' First of all, this isn't the noname brand stuff at the parts store for $5, this stuff exceeds DOT 5.1 regulations for boiling point wet and dry, and you don't have to heat it up to get it to flow like high silicone DOT 5 fluid does. When doing heavy braking and track days, anything with a boiling point lower than DOT 5 has a pretty good chance of boiling. Boiling equals air bubbles, air bubbles equals brake pedal on floor with no stopping power, and in mid corner brake failure will make the complete change of pants you will need be the least of your problems. That being said, if you feel you have the need to upgrade your fluid, usually when upgrading lines and the rest of your brakes as well, this is an excellent fluid. Didn't give me the first indication it was about to boil, even when slowing down from 130mph several times back to back. I give this 4 out of 5 on ease of installation because if you don't have the proper tools to replace and bleed the fluid properly, you can put yourself in a world of hurt quickly. It is recommended to completely flush all the fluid from the system before adding, which I did, and this may be a pain to some to completely remove the calipers, compress the pistons and drain them on top of bleeding the system. All in all great product, and if your are worried about needing more than one can, the one can I purchased was enough to completely bleed and redo my brake system AND my clutch system (I replaced the clutch line as well.) and have some left over (about 1/8th of a can). So far consistent and smooth clutching too.

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