Perrin Rear Shifter Mount Bushing

2013+ FR-S / BRZ


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  • Durable polyurethane construction that is long-lasting
  • Restores the overall shifter feel
  • Rear shifter bushing location 
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Perrin Rear Shifter Mount Bushing


  • Helps eliminate any loose or sloppy feel during gear changes
  • Removes soft rubber bushings on the back of the shifter rod
  • The PERRIN Rear Shifter Bushing makes the shifter feel even more connected to your transmission
  • Constructed of stiff 88A durometer polyurethane



This is the PERRIN Performance Rear Shifter Bushing. This bushing has been made using durable polyurethane materials to help tighten up the feel of your shifter and to improve the overall quality of the shifting feel. This is a great upgrade for enthusiasts who need to restore the shifter feel in their daily drivers or weekend show cars, but this is also very effective for those with purpose-built race cars or rally cars. 




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  1. Pretty good product

    By Carlos medrano August 4, 2022

    I was taking my clutch out when doing this so it made it pretty easy to put in. I’m pretty happy with the results and probably would be a little better with shift springs.

  2. Simple, Functional, Economical

    By Sushiroll December 29, 2021

    Easy to understand what this does, and once you install this, it is easy to feel the difference. It is a fairly simple install but you do have to be patient and a pair of gloves goes a long way to keep your hand from getting scratched up. Doing it outside while cold and rainy might not have been the best but still worth it. For such a small piece, it goes a long way and seeing the difference between this and the OEM part is pretty cool! Definitely a great buy!

  3. Great product, improves shifter feel way more than I expected.

    By J.K December 6, 2021

    Despite the fact that it is quite tough to install (I had to unbolt a driveshaft support), this bushing makes a noticeable difference in shifter feel. I feel more confident in changing gears faster as shifter play is reduced. I would definitely recommend this mod for this price point.

  4. Would be great “if”

    By Stuart December 4, 2018

    I have the lightweight driveshaft (aluminum) installed which is a larger diameter than factory. As a result the bushing does not clear and rubs against the driveshaft.

  5. Amazing difference, install misconception

    By Brandon October 20, 2018

    First let me say that the install reviews are seriously misleading, with proper tools and knowledge following the instructions install took about 30 minutes and was virtually painless. Now about the bushing.... this thing makes a full world of difference, the car shifts a lot smoother and more precise, I can't describe it good enough but all you need to know is if you're considering buying this just buy it you'll be extremely happy with the results, I would also recommend shift springs which are next on my list, but just wow.

  6. Worth the busted knuckles,

    By spencer August 8, 2018

    Noticeable difference over OEM. Pairs absolutely flawlessly w/ aftermarket shift springs and solid trans mount. Overall when paired w/ the previously mentioned mods it totally changes the stock shifter feel and makes it what it should have been from the factory. Quick, clean and REALLY fun to drive. Installation was a serious pain, overall took about 2-2.5 hours, required me to jack up the transmission, and dismount by downpipe and drivetrain. However, I set them on a couple of jack stands and everything went smooth. The most difficult part of it all was just getting to the bolts holding the OEM bushing in place. Definitely something every owner should do.

  7. Great value, tough install

    By Kevin February 28, 2018

    You have to remove a part of the exhaust, and also drop the Driveline, and even then it's difficult to reach where this part goes. It doesn't go on easy either, I would even say it's a two-man job. But once it's installed and bolt it up, it's one of the best feeling bushings on the market. It holds the transmission right where you needed to be, and the shift action is wonderful now, no waggle and no fear of missing gears. It's awesome!

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