22+ GR86 / BRZ Covers & Dressups Parts

Aftermarket Covers & Dress Up Kits Available Now For:
2022 Toyota GR86 & 22 Subaru BRZ

As great as the 2022+ Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ are, visually, the engine bay is a little lackluster from the factory. And that's okay most factory engine bays look boring. But FTSpeed has a great selection of engine covers and dress-up accessories to really improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your engine bay. You can find radiator plates, pulley covers, alternator covers, and fuel rail covers of many different designs and colors to enhance the overall theme under the hood. These covers also provide protection from heat and debris which can be useful for enthusiasts with daily drivers, weekend show cars, or dedicated race cars. If you need more items that will improve that engine bay check out our cam plates and guards, (HL), pullies, (HL) and intakes (HL) that will also improve the engine appeal and performance.

22+ GR86 / BRZ Covers & Dressups
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