22+ GR86 / BRZ Oil Drain Plug Parts

Aftermarket Oil Catch Can & Accessories Available Now For:
2022 Toyota GR86 & 22 Subaru BRZ

The boxer engine in the 2022+ Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ needs a proper oil catch can to ensure a clean and proper running engine. What happens is that harmful oil mist, vapors, and residue can enter the intake system which can create buildup on the valves. This will also cause detonation issues along with a reduction in your fuel octane rating. FTSpeed carries a great selection of catch cans, and air/oil separator kits to properly trap the oil vapors from entering both your PCV and intake system to prolong the life and performance of your engine. This should be a standard component within your boxer engine and will work perfectly for the daily driver, or the track-dedicated race car. Make sure you take a look at our selection of oil coolers (HL) to keep those temps down, and a proper oil baffle (HL) will help prevent the oil from sloshing from one bank of the engine under heavy cornering.

22+ GR86 / BRZ Oil Drain Plug
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