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What do the 2022+ Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ have in common? They all encompass all of the right qualities that make a proper sports car. This platform has been a top choice among enthusiasts who enjoy an attainable experience that also responds well to upgrades, such as a cat back exhaust system. FTSpeed only carries quality cat-back exhaust systems designed to improve the throttle response, acceleration, all while producing a race-inspired and aggressive exhaust tone. These are the reasons why cat back exhaust systems are one of the most popular first modifications that can be performed to your vehicle as they are very rewarding once installed. Craving more power out of your exhaust? Check out the great selection of over pipes, as well as headers to maximize the power and sound out of your vehicle.

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Cat Back Exhausts Available Now For:
2022 Toyota GR86 & 22 Subaru BRZ

22+ GR86 / BRZ Cat-Back Exhausts
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