2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, 86 Supercharger Kits

When in doubt, throw a blower on it, and if you want massive power all in one place, a 2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, or 86 Supercharger kit is the way to go. Supercharger Systems and kits for the 2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, or 86 are now available here at FTspeed, and we will add more as soon as they are available. Our 2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, or 86 Supercharger kits will respond extremely well to all sorts of other upgrades like headers, pulleys, and aggressive custom tuning so that you can get the absolute most out of your aggressive FRS, BRZ, or 86 build. Be sure to keep up on Engine Cooling to keep temperatures at a safe level after you've thrown on a supercharger system.

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Supercharger Kits
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