2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, 86 Lowering Springs

Lowering springs for your 2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, 86 are a great option if you want to lower your car and while also improving your driving experience and handling. Did we mention that they are one of the best bang-for-your-buck performance upgrades that you can make to your ride? Lowering springs give your 2013-2020 FRS, BRZ, 86 a sleek look and also improve handling performance by bringing down the center of gravity. Our selection of lowering springs have varying ride height drops so you can choose to go with an aggressive, mean racer look or try to hang on to more street ride quality with a less aggressive drop.

Important Information

The Subaru BRZ has a stiffer front spring rate from the factory compared to the Scion FR-S, although the springs themselves are interchangeable.

You can install BRZ springs to stiffen the front of the FR-S, or install FR-S springs to soften the front of the BRZ.

RCE Tarmac Spring Install

Lowering Springs
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